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Inter Orlando Football Club

Please see the most frequently asked questions below:

Who are Inter Orlando Football Club?

Inter Orlando Football Club, was founded in October 2017, and is the newest Professional Soccer Club in Orlando, Florida. We have adopted a European model to structure our organization, containing three platforms, Adult Semi-Pro, Competitive Youth Academy and a Recreational Community Program. Our club is focused on developing soccer players through our Recreational program, into our Competitive Academy, and hopefully then onto College or even the Professional Level. Having the UPSL team has given the younger players an ambition to develop and end up playing for the clubs 1st team in the future. We believe that we have opened up a window of opportunity for our youth players to reach the professional level, and we will support them in every aspect that we can. In October 2017, we were granted the status of the next expansion team in Florida to compete in the UPSL (United Premier Soccer League).  Our first season in the UPSL will kick off in the Spring 2018.  All of the Coaches at Inter Orlando FC are professionally certified coaches, and have an abundance of experience between them. Together, our staff brings over 50 years of combined knowledge in business marketing, business development, coaching, leadership, management, negotiating and entrepreneurship. As a club we follow a strict curriculum, which has proven to develop players and help them reach the next level of their playing careers. Our club is structured to give every player the best possible environment to succeed, and we know that with given time, we will see our players being scouted by professional teams and agents from all over the world.

What are you doing to ensure that player development is kept as the number one priority?

Developing children as both players and people is our primary goal. Inter Orlando FC is staffed by quality coaches whose goals, priorities, and values align with those of the club.  Our coaches understand that their role within the club is not focused on winning, but on the player development aspect within the game of Soccer. Their role as mentors in helping our children learn the skills and values required to be successful and valuable people is also a huge part of what being a Inter Orlando FC coach. Every 3 months players are given "Individual progress reports" in order for coaches to break down their game and help them identify areas where they are excelling or struggling and come up with a solution to help develop the players weaker areas into strengths.

Our goal as a youth club is simple, to deliver the best experiences regarding player development to our players by focusing on Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological aspects of the game of soccer.

During the first couple of weeks at Inter Orlando FC, players and parents will be sent documents or be able to view items published on our website that outline our commitment to these goals.

What are you doing to ensure that coach development is kept as a high priority?

At Inter Orlando FC we realize and understand that our Coaches are our most important asset. This is because our coaches are the people with direct influence over our young players. At Inter Orlando FC, we are actively working to provide a staff of the highest quality, both as coaches and also as leaders of our youth players. Beyond that, we have initiated several programs to help these coaches develop themselves. Inter Orlando FC beleives that the only way our coaches can continue to educate and develop our Youth players to our best ability is to encourage those coaches to keep current and continue with their Soccer knowledge. Every coach at Inter Orlando FC is encouraged to complete the next Coaching license each year possible. Inter Orlando FC will sponsor any coach who is looking to further their coaching education. All of our club coaches will follow our unique Player Development Curriculum, which has be developed by our Youth Academy Director. We have provided a system that allows Coaches to use their knowledge of the game to help players while being mentored in the areas of practice development, team management and parent interaction by more experienced coaches at the club. Additionally, we will employ a less experienced coach as an assistant coach with one of our older teams in order to provide a stronger learning environment for our players but also to help develop the coach in the philosophy of Inter Orlando FC.

What is the Recreational Community Program?

The Recreational Community Program is our way of contributing to the community of Orlando, by introducing players to the game of soccer. Led by our club partner, Euro Soccer School, the Recreational Community Program has been designed to give aspiring youth soccer players between the ages of 4-19 years old the chance to learn and develop their skills in a fun and judgment free environment. Our energetic and enthusiastic sessions are designed to cover all the fundamentals of soccer whilst also teaching our players key social aspects such as communication, teamwork, leadership, respect and integrity. To learn more about our Recreational Community Program, please visit the Euro Soccer Schools website:

Euro Soccer Schools

What is the Competitive Academy Program?

The Inter Orlando FC competitive Academy is designed for players U9 to U18, who poses a higher level of Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological knowledge of the game of Soccer. Every team will train as a group within their age and gender. For example, this means that all U9 boys teams will train together on the same field at the same time collectively. The training's will be designed by the Youth Academy Director, a highly experienced youth development coach. Each team will have their own individual coach whose roll is to ensure that the philosophy and values of the club are being followed by the team, however training sessions and player evaluations will be conducted as a whole staff.  This system also allows less experienced coaches the opportunity to learn under the Youth Academy Director and to begin to take more responsibility for designing and running sessions as they develop.




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